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Leila, from Norway. Thanks to you who like my creations. I appreciate all the votes and comments. To my friends who lend us all their beautiful backgrounds, png and gif, I thank you so much. I really appreciate this >:D< :x

To Picmix fans, wish you all a Awesome and Good Weekend. Thanks all of you, for your friendships >:D< :x

Try to respect each other here on PICMIX. We are here to be creative not to make nausea and be ugly towards others. Do not cheat with having many accounts and vote for your own photos in competitions. It is petty, ugly and must then taste sour.

Finally, I would say, I vote for photos based on:
1. What the competition is and clarity and speed in image.
2. I vote for images that have clear large elements, not the images that are thrown together with very small and many elements.
3. I vote based on the beauty of the pictures, not whether they are my friends or not.
REMEMBER: An image should catch the eye, touch the heart and have an opinion based on the competition or what touches your heart and soul.

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Have a Great Day. Girl, dog, cat, bedroom
Christmas cheer. Christmas drink, gingerbread, cocoa
A Verry Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 8
Merry Christmas. Tea
Happy Winter Day. Children, snowman, birds
Christmas cheer. window
Merry Christmas 57
Hello Winter. Art Deco
Art Deco blue
I wish you a Wonderful and beautiful Sunday. Winter
Have a Great Day. Summer 9
Happy December to all. Have a Blessed Winter month
Merry Christmas. Little angel and the birds 2
Merry Christmas. Cat, girl, christmasroom
Magic of Christmas. Pink. Christmas room. Woman, cat, dog
Merry Christmas. Cat. Christmas landscape. Winter
Merry Christmas. Christmas room, woman, dog,
Its a Beautiful Day. Lilac, woman, spring
Wish you a Beautiful Day. Garden. Summer. Flowers
St. Nikolaus. Christmas cheer
Merry Christmas 61
Christmas sheer. Mikke. Disny
Wonderful Xmas time stories. Merry Christmas
Rain, rain go away. Cats in the window. Autumn
Cat in the window. Autumn Beauty
A Very Special Christmas
You got a friend in me. Get well soon. Warm winter wishes.
Gingerbread family, village. Merry Christmas
Art decko. Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas to the Family 22
Christmas cheer... Red and white
Merry Christmas 54
Winter Greetings 7
XMAS Happy Holidays
Merry Christmas 64
Merry Christmas to You 66

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Fall. Autumn. Halloween. Dog. LeilaHalloween. Mouse. LeilaHalloween. Mouse. LeilaHalloween. Mouse. Cheese. LeilaBirthday. Woman. Cake. LeilaWoman and a foxWoman and a foxWoman and a foxWoman in raincoat. LeilaWoman in raincoat. LeilaWoman in raincoat. LeilaWoman in raincoat. LeilaWoman in raincoat. LeilaWoman in raincoat. LeilaWoman in raincoat. LeilaWoman in raincoat. Leila

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Poppy Field
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Thank you Leila for beautiful gift, visits, ratings , votes .
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Buona giornata
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Grazie per la gentile visita cara amica e buona serata :x >:D<
Fille avec un chapeau parmi les fleurs
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coucou mes petits amours !!!!désolez pour le retard (-) mes j'ai eu une panne d'ordi >:D< >:D< >:D< >:D< je vous souhaite un très bon week-end et un bon début de semaine :x :x :x un tout grand merci pour vos gentils com notes & votes, et votre amitié tellement apprécie je vous envoie des tout gros bisous d'amitié :-* :-* :-* :-* votre amie cenaky
Buona giornata
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Grazie :x >:D<
Autumn Sunday
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🙋💜Good Morning! Friendship Blessings for you💜🙋 Just dropping by to thank you for your comment/rate and vote. Very kind of you. 💕THANK YOU💕 Best wishes for a super Saturday filled with Love, Light and Blessings. I hope you enjoy every moment of this weekend, friend. Hugs🤗 and Smiles😊 being sent your way. Stay safe always. 🦊🍁🍂🐻🍁🍂🦉🍁🍂
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Thanks :) >:D<
Autumn Sunday
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🤎❤️🦃🦃🦃 **HAPPY THANKSGIVING, FRIEND! 🦃 I would like to show my thankfulness for your comments/rates and votes. You are so very sweet. ⟐♥⟐THANK YOU⟐♥⟐ Thanksgiving is a time of reflection for all our Blessings. Your friendship is indeed a great Blessing to me. I hope your Thanksgiving table is full of your favorite food and surrounded by your favorite people. Sending warm wishes your way, and hoping you and your family have a FANTASTIC Thanksgiving Day. From my home to yours - from my heart to yours. Stay safe always 🤎❤️🦃 🤎❤️🦃 🤎❤️🦃
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Hello Leila 🍁.(✿◠‿◠✿).🍁
Thank you for all your beautiful visits , comments , ratings + votes 💐🍂.ಌ.🍂💐
Have a good Thursday 🐩༻💗༻😽
Sincerely ღ.🌹•💚•🌹.ღ Hélène
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Good evening Leila 🍁.(✿◠‿◠✿).🍁
Thank you for all your beautiful visits , comments , ratings + votes 💐🍂.ಌ.🍂💐
Sincerely ღ.🌹•💚•🌹.ღ Hélène
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Thank you Leila , for all your beautiful visits, comments, ratings + votes 💐🍂.ಌ.🍂💐
Have a great week 🐩༻💗༻😽
Sincerely ღ.🌹•💚•🌹.ღ Hélène

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